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Senior Projects Highlight Reel

This past week, Camas seniors were able to present the very special projects that they have worked so hard on for the past year. While there were many amazing accomplishments by these students through these Senior Projects, below are some of the most unique topics and job shadows that students chose!

Hannah Marquis–  When thinking about what she wanted to do her project on, Marquis knew right away it had to be something music-centric. That’s how she ended up working with two musicians to interview interview bands and create a final magazine of her writing. This was a perfect fit for Marquis, who is incredibly passionate about music and is an avid concert go-er. Marquis said this project gave her a chance to attend a lot of different types of concerts, as well as work directly with the bands and get a better idea of what it means to be a musical journalist; a profession she hopes to one day pursue.

Ashley Carter– Ashley was able to have an incredible opportunity in her senior project, jobing shadowing a structural engineer and architect, as well as work with a group that does Habitats for Humanity. This is a career field that Carter is very passionate about pursuing and her project gave her a great chance to explore this profession. When asked about her project, Carter explained that she “loved meeting all the people, particularly my mentor…and also trying something new with engineering and being able to volunteer with Habitats for Humanity.”

Erina Rude–  When Erina moved here at the start of the year, she was nervous about what she was going to do for a project in her new community. With a bit of luck and networking, Rude was able to clinch a job shadow with an occupational therapist, and even had the opportunity to use her Japanese language skills and speak with a patient; what a rewarding experience! When asked about the most memorable aspect of her project, Rude responded by saying that she “loved getting a look into a rehabilitation facility and seeing the patients and therapists work together towards recovery. I learned so much about occupational therapy and about the human body and mind”

Maddie Wight–  One of the most unique projects, Maddie Wight worked with the Sunshine Division in Portland in various volunteer roles. From teaching refugees English, to packing and delivering food, and helping families collect clothing, Wight was able to have a more outreaching impact with her project, claiming that “what I loved most about the senior project was it provides opportunities that would never have otherwise and life is all about learning from new experiences.”

April Teames– While Camas is full of many various talented artists, one of the most shining painters of this year’s senior class is April Teames, so it is only fitting that she worked with a local artist to produce some of the most exquisite watercolor greeting cards. “My senior project has given me the confidence to pursue art in the future and further develop my artistic style.. I’m grateful for {this project} and the chance it has given me to explore my passion for art.”

Megan Baffaro– Megan did one of the most special and unique senior projects to date, as she worked with an orphanage in Mexico and worked to collect pajamas and coloring books for the underprivileged children that live there. When asked about what she loved most about this project, Baffaro couldn’t say enough about how much of a wonderful opportunity this was, and expressed gratitude for all those who help put on the senior boards;

“I loved the community involvement of the project. Not only were community members directly involved in my project by donating, but I think it is amazing how many people want to come in and spend their time listening to us talk about things that we care about. They genuinely want us to succeed, not only in our project, but in life”

Kylie Urbanek– This year’s National Honor Society President was able to have a global impact in her project, as she started and ran a new club at Camas called “Days for Girls”, which works to provide feminine hygiene products to underprivileged girls in other countries. Bringing attention to women’s rights and injustices at a local, national, and even world wide perspective was an incredible feat for this senior, and in the conclusion of her project, Urbanek claimed that what was most inspiring to her was  “the personal attachment to women across the world was incredible, and I love knowing that my work would allow others to better themselves and their societies.”


Senior Board presentations have now concluded for this year, and there are so many more incredible works accomplished this year by Camas Students. There is absolutely no telling what is to come from the next class of seniors!

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