Discovery awaits 2018

    In just a few weeks, the Camas school district is set to officially break ground on the new high school. A great deal of talk has circulated the halls on behalf of when and where Camas will be developing the next High School. Talk doesn’t just have to be talk anymore; the school district has confirmed the dates, the location and approximates.

    The school board has decided on the name Discovery High School by recommendation of a committee, also accepting their recommendation of Odyssey Middle School for the Project Based Learning middle school occupying the former sharp location. The purpose of designing this new facility is to accommodate project-based learning ideals such as student engagement through real-world execution of concepts normally taught in academic settings. Superintendent Jeff Snell asserts the school board’s excitement saying, “We’re looking forward to sharing this innovative, inspiring, and flexible teaching and learning space with our community.” Ultimately, 600 sophomore and freshman students will be offered admission to Discovery and the junior, senior classes the subsequent year. Students at Discovery will expect to be served by a team of teachers in a personalized learning

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g environment, which can also engage students with skills of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking of the 21st century. Superintendent Jeff Snell says, “ By providing students the opportunity to investigate an interesting and complex question, problem, or challenge, they will learn about themselves as learners and discover passions.” Ironic that the new school is focused on the discovery and unearthing of passions when the school name will be Discovery.

    As our school district grows in academics, sports and arts, so does the size of the community. As a result of this, numerous staff and community members formed together to create the vision for a new high school program focused on project-based-learning to offer an additional option from Hayes Freedom High School and Camas High School. Though Camas High has specified boundaries, the two alternative high schools: Hayes Freedom and Discovery will be extended to students that are eligible and chose to apply. A recruitment campaign and public informational release will begin in the early part of next school year. Discovery will be completed by the end of the summer of 2018. The three schools will have their differences and similarities, and unique programs and focus areas specified for each school and the students that attend.

   Discovery will be located next to Odyssey the project- based- learning middle school on the Pacific Rim campus. Superintendent Jeff Snell wants all interested students to know, “ Discovery will offer opportunities for earning AP credits, in addition to a world-class fabrication lab.” The school district is eager for Camas’ new addition, and hopes that the various school preferences will add to the success of our growing community.

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