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Best Iphone Apps for Editing Photos

When you’re on the go it is hard to have time to edit your photos, especially if they’re on your phone. That is where editing apps come in handy! Here are some apps that will make your photos look professional!



This app is easy to use. Great app for professional photos. You import photos from your phone or take a picture and edit it with several different features and can put it on social media websites when done. Get it free on your iPhone! If you want Polarr Pro, get it on iTunes for $ 4.99 if you want a more advanced feature.

Also offered on Android, Mac, Chrome, Windows 10 and more




26 tools and features for more options than the basic iPhone editor. If you’re wanting just a little more touch to your photo, try this one out!

This app is free

Also offered on Android



This app is a must if you want high-quality photos! Free in iTunes, and can purchase filter packs. You can select several different photos and edit them one by one with all types of tools from saturation to the amount of fade you want. This app makes a perfect aesthetically pleasing photo!

also on Android




This app has exclusive filters for the perfect photo! Also in-app purchase, you can get more filters. This app cost $0.99 in-app purchases. Great app for social media pictures. 


Go to to learn how to edit your photo!






This app is somewhat similar to faded, giving advanced options to make your photo Instagram worthy! It has 74 filters! This app has an endless amount of tools! It exceeds the basic photo editing apps! A must!


$0.99 in iTunes purchases

Also offered on Android and Windows 10



Lens Distortions

This app has 5/5 stars on the app store. Used by filmmakers and professional photographers, this app is guaranteed to make the perfect photo you want! Compared to other apps, this one is more advanced with several features. Best of all is its free on iTunes!









Courtesy of Google for all photos

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