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Advice for Beach Bums

With summer weather quickly approaching, students are flocking to the beach for sunshine and swimming. Some of the favorite places for students to roam on sunny days are Wintler Beach, Lacamas Lake, and Cottonwood.

Wintler Beach, in Vancouver, is an obvious favorite from students. It is a safe, sandy area for teens to lay out in the sand and take a dip in the refreshingly cool water. However, it is currently flooded and there is very little area on the banks. The water is still nice, but on a sunny day, the amount of people can be a little overwhelming for some. In the latter months of summer, this is an ideal beach for young adults and even younger siblings, due to the safe environment and lack of unsavory activity.

Lacamas Lake is an easily accessible hotspot for students who want to swim on a hot day. With so many places to go at the lake, it is easy to remain distant from people, obviously not Camas High School students, who are taking part in illegal activity. As well as to stay away from children, parents, and people who aren’t necessarily wanted around. There are parks, trails, waterfalls, potholes, and rope swings to spend the day exploring. The main issue with Lacamas is that the waters, as well as the banks, are not always the cleanest.

Cottonwood, in Washougal, while not too accessible, is a great area for teenagers, but that is about where it ends for the ages welcome. Cottonwood is a great beach, but there is often activity that is not too acceptable from most parents, as well as police officers. Cottonwood is often flooded and it’s not possible to reach the beaches. However, when the beaches are open, it’s a gorgeous area and great for grilling, bonfires, swimming and more.

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