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The Truth About the Sadie Hawkins Dance

Chivalry is not all that easy. When it comes time for dances at Camas High School, the boy is expected to ask the girl, and while it feels nice for a girl to be asked, what about the guys? Guys have so much added pressure on them to come up with “The Big Ask” and sometimes it gets a little stressful for them.

The very first Camas High Sadie Hawkins dance strives to cImage result for sadie hawkins danceombat that stress and give the ladies a feel for what the men have to go through. It also gives them a chance to come up with a clever way to ask.

Sadie Hawkins is a comic character thought up by Al Capp. In the comic Sadie chases after a guy, and pins him down and gets him to dance with her. In that day and age, it was socially the man’s job to get a wife. If a woman was to pursue a man it was frowned upon. Sadie represented a woman who is brave and not afraid to go after what she wanted.

Not everyone at Camas necessarily knows what to believe either.  The responses range from it sounds “cool” to “I’m not really sure” for girls and guys. The majority of the girls believed that “it shouldn’t be the girls asking the guys, it should be the other way around” and “it puts too much pressure on the girls.” Most of the guys thought it was “cool that the girls are asking the guys.”

Sadie’s is June 9th (which is a Friday) from 8:00-10:00 pm in the North Commons. The theme is Dynamic Duos so come as your favorite famous couple. Tickets are 7 dollars each and go on sale May 30th to June 8th at 3:00 pm in the ASB office. Per usual, all fines must be paid to purchase a ticket, and if this dance goes well, then this may become a Camas tradition.

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P.S “@dom_kelii Starting Senior: 6’2″ 180.9 lbs, From Honolulu Hawaii, dancer…needs a date to the Sadie’s.” =)

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The idea is pure but the results most likely won’t be in favor of the idea. A lot of girls are too shy to ever do something like that, and some of the only people who would be brave enough, may not even care to go to the dance. Most likely you’ll get couples that go, but that will be it with a few exceptions.

I think it is cool that Camas is trying something new and bucking the tradition a bit. Even though I’m not super into dances this is one I would actually consider.

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