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Meet the Prez: Ashlin O’Neill

“I hope that everyone has a good school year next year, and thank you for everyone who voted for me, this job means a lot to me and I will work very hard to make Camas High School an awesome place.”

Ashlin O’Neill became ASB President this year and because of this, she wanted to extend a thank you to the people who voted for her. Ashlin has high expectations for herself as ASB Pres, and she is hoping that as president she can,”make the school better. I want to improve school spirit in students, and staff; as well as enhance the school participation in coming out for choir concerts, and plays and other school activities like that.”

As president Ashlin’s job is to help Ms. Allen run the ASB room. She also helps plan a lot of the fun school events, and she is a representative of Camas High School to the community.

Ashlin is nervous with a mix of excited, and she admitted that it was a little weird that she would be the one that people were looking at to be a good example. At the same time, she believes that when her year as Camas president is over, that Camas will be a positive place and that everyone will be excited to come to school, and will not be shy to express themselves at school.

All in all Ashlin is thrilled to be Camas’s President and hopes to make a huge impact on the school and the people.



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