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Summer is around the corner which means vacation planning. There are a plethora of fun adventures a person can make just within the Oregon and Washington state borders. Many students are planning on out of town getaways, but who says a person can’t find getaways in the area and even on a budget?

Cannon Beach is known as a remarkable display of nature with its dramatic rock formations and stunning viewpoints of the

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The Columbia Gorge is World famous for its beautiful green scenery.  Hosting infinite parks, hikes biking swimming and campsites to be visited.

Lake Chelan sits nestled at the base of the North Cascades mountain range, seeing  around 3oo days of sunshine a year. Find Deep glacier-fed water, mountain bike trails, campsites, fishing spots and a fantastic golf course.

Portland Oregon is known as one of the world’s quirkiest and peculiar towns, with its practically endless art galleries, funky neighborhoods, off-the-wall restaurants and forest hikes.

Seaside is one of the Oregon Coast most visited and popular oceanfront resorts due to the way it caters to youth. Seaside is unique for being one of the only beaches across the Oregon coastline that has a lifeguard on duty during heavy visited times.

Wings & Waves Waterpark – McMinnville is an indoor waterpark housing ten slides and a real Boeing 747 aircraft sitting on the roof. Wings and waves has great fun for every member of the family, the risk-takers and even the worriers.

Wild Waves Theme Park is the way to go when it comes to water, fun and close proximity. Enjoy slides tall and small, and splash into the water pools on roller coaster rides.

Pacific Science Center is a place to enjoy all things science related. Experience their IMAX theaters, Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor exhibit and their laser art shows.

Portland Zoo is home to lions, tigers and bears, oh my! The Portland Zoo is the largest zoo in the state of Oregon and arguably the most popular attraction in all of the state. If a person desires a fun and easy day of adventure, the Portland Zoo is the place to go.

Summer at Skibowl is just as fun as winter at Skibowl. In the summer Skibowl offers Batting cages, alpine slides, Rock Wall climbing and more.

Students Polls: Student summer out-of-state plans

Jocie Laurman  – California

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Tessa Bass – Utah

Ka’ulani Warren – Baltimore, Maryland

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