Summer Necessities

Summer is coming up sooner than we know! Here are some products to make your summer as enjoyable as possible!


Must have sunscreen

Sun Bum (Vegan, cruelty-free, oil free, gluten free etc.)

Can purchase at Ulta for $15.99 or Amazon

They have sunscreen sprays and lotions. SPF starting at 10-70. This sunscreen has outstanding reviews.


Protect your hair!!!!!

Try this Aveda product for protecting your hair in the summer especially in the water!!


Highly recommend this for an everyday summer product. This helps for the sun, also from pollution, in their nongreasy invisible formula.


Lip Balm


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Each cost $3.99

During the Summer it is important to protect your lips from the sun. Sun Bum has chapstick with a Spf of 3o to protect your lips from getting sunburns!



Hiking bags & Beach Bags

If your going on a hike and don’t want to hold on water, you can use one of these small storage bags to ensure you to stay hydrated or if you’re going to the beach, here are some bags to consider.

If you already have a bag you can use that won’t be bothersome, I highly recommend using it!

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$$ Lululemon Run All Day backpack

$ No Bounce Runners Hydration Belt-Amazon

$ Asos straw duffle beach bag

$ Women’s soft mesh cargo tote-Target



When purchasing sunglasses, make sure it has 100% UV protection or UV 400.

$$$ Sunglasshut  If you’re wanting designer, high-quality sunglasses, consider this shop

$ Sunglass Warehouse is inexpensive and high quality. Greatly recommend!

Amazon is a great place to purchase affordable and quality sunglasses.

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What are your plans for the Summer? Let me know in the comments!



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