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Oregon Relays: Another Step Towards Greatness

The Camas High School track team has had a monumental year. This was the final year that head coaches Alisa Wise(high jump) and Rodney Raunig(pole vault)would coach the entire team. It is agreed that they stepped down after one of the strongest seasons of track and field Camas High School has seen. The team in the early season was made up of 205 athletes and there were only 23 drop-outs, which was much less than the expected number. The coaches keeping this program as exemplary as it is are Robert Halterman(long jump, triple jump), William Ephriam(hurdles), Henry Midles(throws), Karen Goritzki(distance), Jon Eagle(javelin), Daniel Kielty(sprints). All of the dedicated coaches were responsible for the development of the phenomenal athletes here at Camas.

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In distance news, Emma Jenkins(junior) came in 14th place while running the 1500m with a time of 4:50.41 and Rachael Blair(Sophomore) ran in the 1500m and placed 24th with a time of 5:00.81. In the men’s 1500m race, Daniel Maton, a sophomore scored 4th with the outstanding time of 4:01.43. During the freshman finals of the women’s 3,000m, Halle Jenkins ran a time of 10:33.86. The varsity men’s 3000m team had a great race as well, 25th place went to Jackson Lyne(Sophomore), he had a time of 9:07.13, 37th place was awarded to David Connell, a Junior, who ran a 9:18.85.

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During the shorter distance races, women’s 800m 9th place went to the junior, Ellie Postma who ran a time of 2:23.14. In the men’s varsity 4 by 100m, Nathan Butterfield(senior), Zachary Terry(sophomore), Blake Deringer(sophomore), Jason Driver(senior) received 19th place for their time of 44.96. Nathan Butterfield(senior) succeeded to place again with the help of Luke Albert(senior), Mason Gross(freshman), William Sun(Junior). The relay team came in 25th place with a time of 3:39.88. During the grueling Varsity Prelims Hurdles 39”, William Sun(Junior) ran a time of 15.49 that awarded him 14th place.

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The coaches were stunned at how well the athletes endured the weather throughout the season,“These guys have been amazing to stick with the weather out there! I am in awe… at this group this year!” said coach Alisa Wise when asked how she felt her last season went. If the team did this well at a meet as prestigious as the Oregon Relays, imagine how much they will continue to grow for the state meet.

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