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CSU: Stories Week and Beyond

Christian Students United recently had Stories week in order to find fellow Christians in Camas High School, and keep them connected with each other. Dubbed Stories Week by Madi, and Lexi Murray. Stories Week went from May 1st-5th and was the promotion to get people going to CSU Club.

Monday, May 1st: Merged with YL up at Camp Currie. Campfire week, where s’mores and other yummy campfire snacks were enjoyed.

Tuesday, May 2nd: RootBeer Floats in the North Commons at 2:10

Wednesday, May 3rd: Girls and Guys night: Each gender did their own group activity at Camas 6:30-8:30.

Thursday, May 4th: Stories Night at CHS 6:30-7:30. This was the serious night, that the whole Stories Week was anchored around.

Image result for sharing godFriday, May 5th: Celebration Night: Games were played at Harvest Church in Camas Washington up by Dorothy Fox.

As well as this, they had several guest speakers from Gateway Church in Washougal and Harvest Church in Camas.

If you missed Stories week but still want to be a part of CSU then feel free to come on a weekly basis Monday in room 703 right after school for about an hour. Lexi Murray leads it alongside Savannah Colletto and Christian Rondeau. Lexi says she loves to lead CSU because she loves to see “people mature and grow in their relationship with Christ, and leading a group that is so kind and positive. We love helping out the community and making sure that others know they¬†matter.”

If a relationship with other believers in Christ is something that you aspire to have, then CSU might be the club for you, there are about 20 boys and girls that participate, and they would love to welcome new in. Like all other Camas Clubs, CSU is a great way to be more connected to the people who are likeminded, and it is a great way to stay busy after school.

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