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Dear Freshmen…

A compilation of senior advice

As this school year comes to a close, graduation is nearing for the seniors of Camas High. Before they depart, The Camasonian asked these upperclassmen to impart some wisdom upon their fellow students, especially the incoming freshmen!

While we received a mixed bag of both serious and comical advice, please enjoy reading some of our favorite senior “tips” for success!


It’s okay to fail, as long as you know how to pick yourself up again.

Don’t worry about what social norms, just be a good, genuine, person- it’s most important to be nice.

Volunteer and do some good for the community.

Hydrate, and don’t self-medicate. Failing is good for the soul.

If you smile, you’ll get away with more.

Make friends with the security guards.

Get a sense of humor, embrace awkwardness, this might not be the “best four years” as seen in Disney movies.

Getting a date for a dance is not that important, sometimes going with a group of friends is more fun.

Do your best every single day and don’t take your free education for granted, you don’t want to look back and wish you would have worked harder.

The grades you earn matter every single year, with that being said, don’t stress too much, a few bad grades won’t kill you.


If you do your homework at 2 am every day, your brain will actually melt.

Find your passion ear.

Hallways are meant for walking, quickly….not having a 40-minute conversation about your weekend.

Get gym credits out of the way first.

Don’t procrastinate, try to get ahead so you can relax later.

“Procrastinators never prosper” is a lie…wait it out, you do your best work under stress.

Breathe in, breathe out, repeat… it will be okay.

Having a mental breakdown is perfectly acceptable every now and then and is actually healthy.

You can BS your way through anything.

Drop out as soon as you can, High School only gets harder, so quit while you’re ahead.

Transfer to Union.

Don’t let adults convince you they’re in charge.

As far as is concerned, 11:59 means 11:59.

Don’t dream big you will just end up as an ivy reject..but seriously, aim high, you’ll still go far.

Avoid AP Biology like the plague.

Join lots of clubs!

Get a rolling backpack.

Drama is forever (Kidding! Don’t get caught up in all of the tension that can occur during high school, just live life and be happy).

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, it is worth it in the end.

Pain is temporary, your GPA is forever.

No matter what anyone says, sandals are appropriate in all seasons.

Get a hydro flask.

Work harder, you have it in you.

Don’t avoid joining something because you think it will “take up too much time”.

Dance like nobody’s watching unless you are at a school dance, then dance like people are watching and be appropriate because no one wants to see that.

Trust yourself, stay focused, and don’t post on Instagram more than once a day.

Read books you love and don’t forget to relax every once and awhile, you have a long road ahead of you.

Don’t take things, or yourself too seriously. High school only happens once, enjoy it, it will go faster than you could ever imagine, don’t waste precious moments counting down the days until graduation.

Thanks Seniors, and Congratulations!
The previous list contains advice submitted to The Camasonian from senior students. The views expressed in this letter are not necessarily the opinion of The Camasonian, Camas High School, Camas School District, or its affiliate, and are purely for entertainment purposes.

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