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The True Cost of Palm Oil

What is Palm Oil?

Palm Oil is a fruit found in palm trees in more tropical areas like Indonesia and Malaysia. In order to produce it into an oil, people need to cut down the palm trees. By doing this, it destroys rainforests where orangutans live. If you see that one of the ingredients listed is a vegetable oil, check to make sure there’s not saturated fat, if there is, there’s most likely palm oil in it.


Why Is Palm Oil Bad?

For several years, major palm oil producers, specifically Indonesia, burned palm oil plantations as a quick way to get the palm fruit and destroying the land, leaving orangutans homeless. Now orangutans are having to be relocated and are becoming endangered. 1,000 Orangutans are killed due to the destruction of their land.

According to the International Union for Conservation (IUCN), “Another IUCN Red List assessment reveals that the Bornean orangutan has moved from Endangered to Critically Endangered – the highest risk category assigned by the IUCN Red List.”

Foods and Drinks to watch out for


-Kit Kat

-pop tarts


-Ritz crackers

-Milky Way





-Chex Mix


-3 musketeers


Beauty Brands to watch out for:

Estee Lauder

Bath & Body Works


Next time you eat, wash your hair, clean your face, and put makeup on, make sure that what you’re using doesn’t destroy the environment.

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