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Celebrate Teachers in May!

Day after day, students shuffle through the hallways going from class to class. They await the end of the day by counting down the minutes; although, they do not seem to notice the teachers and staff that help them through the day. The teachers are also there to help the students learn and grow to reach new heights. These hard-working teachers deserve appreciation and gratitude for all they do. This week the nation is celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week.

The National Education Association designated May 9th as National Teacher Day. And since 1984, the National PTA designated one week in May as a special time to honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating our children. This year’s theme is “Teachers Deliver.” Teachers deliver so much to our students—inspiration, motivation and, ultimately, their futures

Teachers give students so much: a much-neede boost of confidence, extra help, a welcoming presence when everything else seems out of control. And though students can’t ever thank them enough, they can take a moment during National Teacher Appreciation Week to share appreciation for the special educators in students’ lives.

There are many things that students can do for their teachers. Cassie Jones, a freshman, suggests, “students can write letters to their teachers thanking them for all that they do.” Syerrah Wilson, a freshman, also proposed that students could, “make posters or something to give to their teachers to show them all that they have done.”

Take a moment of your time to thank the teachers in your life for helping you through the day.


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