Best Festivals Around The World

Around the world, people celebrate holidays and music by having festivals. Each place in the world has its own unique history, religion, and music that can be shown through their festivals. Here are some of the most popular festivals around the world.


Coachella-California (U.S.)

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Coachella is a music festival in California that takes place from April 14th-April 23rd.  All types of artists like Lady Gaga, Drake, Lorde, Martin Garrix, Oh Wonder, Two Door Cinema Club, Tove Lo perform at Coachella. Each year has new and upcoming artists.  The people that go to this festival are known for having bohemian clothing.


Warped Tour-U.S.

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Vans Warped Tour is a punk rock/screamo world tour festival.  Performers like Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Good Charlette, and Falling In Reverse play at Vans Warped Tour.  At this event, you have a chance to meet some of the artists in the audience and take pictures and get autographs from them.  



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Holi is one of the most famous festivals in India.  Also called “Festival of Light” or “Festival of love”, the colors are said to bring out light through evil.  The festival begins sometime in March during Spring and ends a couple days later.



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Tomorrowland is a music festival. Famous DJ’s like Steve Aoki, Krewella, and Axwell are playing this year. Known for being visually appealing for their stages, this festival is a high energy show where thousands of people come to see some of their favorite DJ’s perform.


Day Of the Dead-Mexico

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Day of the dead, also known as Dia De Los Muertos, is a holiday celebrated in Mexico in memory of dead family members.  On this day people paint skulls on their faces with different colors and carry flowers to honor the dead. It is believed that from Halloween to the first or second of November, deceased family members visit.


Mardi Gras-New Orleans

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New Orleans celebrates the holiday Mardi Gras on Tuesday after Lent. A popular food that is only made during Mardi Gras is the “King Cake.” Link below shows how to make it



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Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights.  The third day out of the five days is the festival of light.People have different reasons for celebrating it, but the five days of Diwali include spending time with family, eating candy, and lighting lanterns.



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Bestival is a four-day music festival in England. This hippie style festival plays Indie music. Also, there is a camp based off of the festival. Learn more at



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Carnevale takes place in Venice, Italy and is a celebration of Spring. People typically wear masks and colorful costumes. During Carnevale, the streets are filled with parades and celebrations.



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This festival that takes place in Spain, is filled with the history of the statue that leads to the fight between Baza and Gaudix. For this event, people try to make it to the Church of Mercy in Baza without getting dirty.



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Songkran is a water festival in Thailand. It takes place during Spring, and as part of spring cleaning where they wash photos of Buddha, the blessed water is a way of giving respect. In the streets people will spray water at you with water guns and buckets, keeping you away from the heat.


Sapporo Snow Festival-Japan

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Sapporo is a snow festival in Japan. It takes place at Odori park and people can exhibit the most beautiful ice sculptures. The festival lasts one week and is celebrated in February. 


Spring Festival-China

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The spring festival in China starts on Chinese New Year, February 15th and goes until the 17th. It’s a time where people spend time with their families and celebrate Spring. If you are in China during the Chinese New Year, you will see lots of red on buildings as a symbol of the festival. While spending time with families, they also celebrate with fireworks, lanterns, and have dragon dances.


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