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PDX March for Science

Saturday, April 22 was Earth day, and in honor of Earth and in the hopes of preserving it for the future, protesters also held an international March for Science. Its goal: to champion and defend science and scientific integrity in a day and age where science is often stifled and restricted.

Like the International Women’s March, DC hosted the main march, but there were over 500 satellite marches worldwide. This large number included The March for Science in Portland.  A few thousand supporters gathered by the waterfront and participated in the march through downtown Portland. Even the rain could not quell the spirits of those marching.

Though there were not as many supporters at the March for Science as the Women’s March, the marchers still made their message clear with a variety of signs, ranging from quite amusing to Portland creative. 

The administration has yet to address these issues other than a casual tweet from President Trump, but marchers are hopeful that change is coming in the near future. 

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