The Art of Making A Difference

In the current world, there are people who are not blessed with the same advantage as others are. For example, some people have physical disabilities that prohibit them from ordinary things that most people can do without thinking twice. As a population, it is essential that everyone does as much as they can to ameliorate these peoples’ situations, and Marcus Kanege is doing just that.

Marcus Kanege was not sure what he was going to do for his senior project, he had thought about it for a while, and finally his CamTech mentor (Skylar Gillispie) saw an idea that was close to his heart and Marcus’s as well. Oregon State University had come up with the idea that Gillespie believed that Marcus could do well. Gillespie’s idea for Marcus’s senior project was a car that made it more fun and less tedious for kids with disabilities to get through their training.

“Basically, for my senior project, I am going to be taking electric toy cars for little kids, and rewiring them and modifying it for kids with disabilities like cerebral palsy, and spinal Bifida so that they can use them for training, and have fun with them at the same time. A lot of the time kids born with disabilities have daunting training that often is boring, so they modern electric toy vehicles make it so they can have fun, and grow.”

The cars are tailored to the disability of the kid, so not every car would work for every type of disability. For example, the car would be re-wired for a kid with Spinal Bifida in a way that the button on the seat making it so they could sit down and move the car instead of having to press the pedal. Furthermore, all they would have to do to stop is get up off the seat. Also, the cars are changed due to the size of the patient. If the kid is older then it will be made larger and vice versa.

Right now, Marcus has one done, but he aims to have four or five done by the end of the year because he hopes to spread the cars around locally to kids with disabilities. Marcus had a passion for helping people and when asked if he found this project fun, he said,”I mean, yeah, it is fun knowing that you are helping somebody, that is definitely the most fun part, just the thought that you are helping somebody.”




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