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Spring into Productivity with These Apps

Senior-itis, junior-itis–whatever illness you have, you need these apps.

The first day of spring passed over a week ago, meaning that the season is in full swing.

All of these applications help with limiting distractions and remembering what tasks to complete daily. These apps are available via iOS, Android, or Google Chrome.

Courtesy: AirDroid Blog

Forest App

This application completely limits smartphone usage. Users can designate a specific time they want to focus for by “planting” a tree. The animated tree will stop growing if the user exits the application, thus losing points of focus. The longer the user focuses, the more growth the tree receives. Even though it is $2, the application is completely worth all of the time a student can save. If you want the Forest App on your computer, add the free extension via Google Chrome. The Forest App does not require an account.

Courtesy: Living Between the Lines

Google Keep

If the stationary Reminder app on the iPhone does not work for you, try using Google Keep. This branch of Google connects to a Gmail account or your school email. Google Keep allows for color-coated reminders with a drawing feature. Now you do not need to carry around a tangible planner!

Site Block

If the Forest App is not the best option for you, there are many site block extensions that can be added via Google Chrome. Simply search “site block” in the Chrome Web Store. The extension Stayfocused has great reviews and has similar functions that completely limit website access for a certain period of time.


This is an upgraded version of the Notes application on iPhones or Android devices. This is a more professional and aesthetically-pleasing application for students with Senior Projects or a job outside of school. This requires account creation.

MarginNote Reader Free

This free version of MarginNote works best with Evernote to help annotate any text for studying or assignments. Often teachers allow typed annotations for novels, thus this application helps an overwhelming workload of reading.


This is an extension of Google Chrome that helps you set goals every day. Upon opening the Chrome tab, a landscape background with the time personally welcomes you. While this might not be the most productive extension or application ever, Momentum can organize your agenda via iOS and Android, also.

These applications all have reviews that you can purchase based on your personal preference.

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