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Marshall: A Renowned Legacy

After nine years of dedication and achievement for the city of Camas, Stephen Marshall, principal of Camas High School, has decided to step down from his position. Marshall has lived in Camas for twenty years and is a beloved and well-known figure to all of the community. He is known as many things: a family man, athletics enthusiast, a diligent leader and, frankly, one of the most preeminent principals Camas has ever seen.

Over the years Marshall has contributed to Camas High School, the 2016-2017 school year had to have been one of the most memorable,” This is definitely the best year I have spent at Camas, I believe a lot of it is thanks to Mr. Marshall” stated an athlete. The football team winning state, many other sporting teams being invited to compete at state, all of the academic accomplishments and the cultivation of new clubs to the high school are just a few of the high points over the year. But the visibility of Marshall’s impact on the school is certainly not limited to this school year.

Marshall has touched and made personal connections with the staff and student body and has gone above and beyond what a principal’s duties call for,“ Steve has done an outstanding job as principal of Camas High School,” commented Superintendent Jeff Snell. “Since he was hired, Steve developed an identity for CHS within the Camas community; he created a climate where staff and students enjoy Camas High School; and he provided the leadership to take the instructional program to the next level of excellence.”

Marshall has always been known to value his relationships with students and it is a quality that some fear Camas will not find in itś next principal,¨I will miss the students and staff first and foremost. But I’ll really miss the everyday adventures. Whether it is a conversation with a student, something normal, or something extraordinary – when they occur in an educational setting, they end up all being special experiences,” Marshall commented.   

Marshall will continue his legendary legacy but in the position of soon-to-be-retired Bryan McGeachy, acting as Camas School District´s redefined job of operations director. McGeachy has spent 39 years in the business of public education, has been the operations director for 10 and in his time, watched enrollment grow from 3,000 to 7,000 students in the Camas District he graduated from himself. When McGeachy was asked about his highlights from his teaching, McGeachy recollected,¨The staff members here are excellent to work with and for, I was also fortunate enough to have excellent mentors, great colleagues, and involved families to have worked within Camas.”

The transition Marshall will experience may make some of the community feel apprehensive about what new representative will continue the high school down its path of success. Although, after everything Marshall has done to put the high school on the map, Camas’ board will only select those fit for the role he pioneered,” I am so appreciative of what Mr. Marshall has done for our community and school, I hope our next principal can keep growing our school like Mr. Marshall has” claimed Fiona Fitzpatrick, a freshman ASB representative.

After nine years of eminence from the distinguished Principal of Camas High School, Steven Marshall has truly given the high school a name to be proud of,¨Of course, I am so proud of our students and staff members. You cannot be a great school without great people – and CHS is a great school! Their personalities, dedication, and school spirit all combine to make CHS a very special place, which is why I am happy I am not going far. I am a Papermaker and I am looking forward to being involved here in the years to come.¨ It is clear to see that Camas would not be where it is today without Marshall and hopefully, although not in the position, he can continue to guide the high school toward greatness for years to come.


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Great story! Mr.Marshall was a great principal and will be missed by all of camas and can’t wait to see how the next princapal will lead Camas.

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