How Easter is celebrated around the world






Sunday was Easter, which most know as a religious holiday.  Regardless of your beliefs, people all over the world can celebrate it.  Here are some ways people celebrate Easter around the world.



In Norway, they have a tradition of reading crime and mystery novels around Easter, and you will most likely see crime books on display at a bookshop in Norway.  


Italy & France

In Italy, known for being a Christian country, they go to mass, the most popular one being at Saint Peter’s Basilica where The Pope is.  All over Italy, there are parades with people dressed up in certain colors or in old style clothing.  In Florence, Italy they are known for having an exploding cart that’s filled with fireworks and explodes.  In France kids get candy from Easter bells instead of an Easter bunny.                          



Some places in Haiti celebrate Voodoo traditions.  In Haiti children have the freedom to be outside most of the day and play with their friends. In some parts they have Rara bands play and children make colorful kites.



In Sweden, most kids do not believe in the Easter bunny and are given candy from their parents on Easter.  Around Easter, they have parades where kids dress up as witches.



Most people in India aren’t Christians, but they find a way to celebrate the holiday.  They receive colorful lanterns rather than candy.  In India, they have carnivals, music, and dances on Easter.



In Poland, you will find boys dumping water on each other, especially girls, and it was said to say that they would be getting married within that year.



Instead of the Easter bunny, they celebrate with the Easter Bilby, an endangered animal that is similar to mice.



I hope you had a great Easter!

Interesting Fact:  16 billion jellybeans are made for Easter in the U.S.

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