Hamilton Mountain Hike

Hamilton Mountain is located directly across Beacon Rock in the gorge, a little over a thirty minute drive from Camas. Though the hike is 7.5 miles, the trek is well worth the beautiful views, waterfalls and wildflowers along the trail.

The trail requires a Discover Pass for parking so make sure to bring one along. From the parking lot, the first mile of the hike is uphill, but not too steep. There are many scenic views along the way and a beautiful waterfall around 1.5 miles up. Hardy Falls has a viewpoint from above and below, making it a prime spot for hiking selfies and cute photoshoots.

Those brave enough to continue are in store for a steep ascent to the top. The next mile of the trail consists mostly of steep switchbacks and breathtaking views of the Columbia river at every other turn. Once the trail opens up, there are plenty of places to stop and have a snack as hikers take in the breathtaking views that surround the area.

After another uphill stretch of approximately a mile, hikers hit the top. Along with the satisfaction of success comes a spectacular view of Mt. Hood and the surrounding smaller mountains and river. Unfortunately the top does not have a great place to sit and rest, which can be rather disappointing after the long hike to the top. Even so, the views make this hike well worth anyone’s time.

Hamilton Mountain is especially beautiful during the spring and summer when the wildflowers are in bloom. The little yellow daisies and stunning green scenery almost make hikers forget the burning sensation in their legs from all the uphill! If you are looking for a good hike this spring, or even this summer, Hamilton Mountain is a good challenge for any hiker.

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