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Improving the Perspective: Seniors’ Legacy

For the second year in a row, Superintendent Jeff Snell will be conducting interviews of the entire senior class to better understand their perspective of our school system. Last year, Snell interviewed about 40 seniors, but this year, he plans to up that number to a full 520.

These no-pressure and informal interviews will take place during Senior Boards (June 6-8). Seniors, in groups of two to four, while not presenting to a board, will be asked to meet with a teacher/administrator for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Seniors will be asked questions pertaining to their thoughts regarding what worked well for them in their primary/secondary education, what could be improved, what helped them grow, and what important lessons did they learn.

“Seniors have done an amazing job… and I think [they] all have great insight into our school system” – Superintendent Jeff Snell

He also suggested that this becomes a tradition, “honor[ing] seniors’ legacy and help[ing] our school system grow.”

Hopefully, these interviews of the senior perspective will highlight important places for growth and improvement on the district’s part, working to build a better Camas School District.

Seniors will receive more information regarding these interviews as they approach, for now, start thinking about what made Camas High School memorable and where it could improve. Comment below with your ideas.

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