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Sick Days? Soup Time!

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As cold, flu, and allergy season begins to rear its ugly head, a favorite comfort food, soup, sees an increase in consumption. A classic cold-weather associated food, soup is also increasingly popular as pollen and grass begin to stir havoc and spur spring time colds and the onslaught of allergy season.

In an effort to help Camas students get through these kleenex-ridden times, the Camasonian staff has compiled a list of soups, along with a more or less definitive ranking. Enjoy!

  1. Clam Chowder- Clearly, the best of all the soups, Clam Chowder, especially from Seattle, nestled in a sourdough bread bowl, is where it’s at for anyone in the PNW, who wants to be reminded of rainy trips to the beach.  
  2. Creamy Tomato- Creamy Tomato, especially from The Nordstrom Cafe, and even better when paired with a grilled cheese, is a tasty pick me up for anyone feeling under the weather.
  3. Broccoli and Cheddar- Most frequently ordered at Panera, broccoli cheddar is creamy, cheesy, and has vegetables, so it’s healthy..right?!
  4. Asparagus Soup- Asparagus soup is light, and wonderful, and feels really healthy; particularly nice during the spring and summer time, as a more casual soup option.
  5. Chicken Noodle- A timeless classic, chicken noodle will forever be the go-to sick day option. Check out the link below for the best chicken soup recipe…ever!
  6. French Onion- A soup for all of the cultured foodies in Camas, french onion provides a unique souping experience, topped with enough cheese to fuel any student though an AP student session!
  7. White Chicken Chili- A southwestern favorite, white chicken chili provides a more filling opinion, we recommend pairing with corn bread.
  8. Gazpacho- Cool and refreshing, gazpacho is a perfect summertime soup option and a great idea for those Camasonians looking to branch out and experience a new food!
  9. Squash- A unique, but incredibly delicious soup, squash soup is absolutely perfect in all seasons, and has a brilliant orange color.
  10. 10. Split Pea with Ham- Although the color may be off putting, split pea is a soup that is incredibly underrated, and filling; adding ham and a good roll makes this a perfect soup for all.


    11.) Beef Stew- Okay, yes, we know this is not a “soup” per say, but beef stew is undeniably delicious and must have some sort of magical healing powers



Chicken Soup Recipe:

Bon Appetit!

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