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An Impactful Experience: Attending a United Nations Conference

This is the United Nations Building in New York City, NY. (Courtesy

I traveled to New York City at o-dark thirty a week ago; however, I did not ride a 5-hour airplane ride for a vacation.

Tiara Naidu, AP Language & Composition teacher Ms. Widdop and I attended the Commission on the Status of Women. The CSW is a United Nations conference that constructs a draft of improving life for the female gender.

Students who attended the conference are from all continents, and they excel politically and academically at their schools. There is not a minimum age requirement to attend the actual United Nations building, so any student could apply to represent an organization. Tiara Naidu and I represented Girls Learn International for the CSW Youth Forum on March 11.

The theme for the 61st conference was economic empowerment of women in the growing world of work. Through this theme, female economic leaders and policy constructors gave vital statistics and information to try to close the wage gap before 2030.

The United Nations created the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to eradicate numerous forms of poverty and injustice, creating a better world for all. “Parallel” events hosted by other groups were available to the public–not just student delegates for international organizations.

This relates to the Commission on the Status of Women because some of the declarations relate to the wage gap and the economic empowerment of women.

Tiara and I were permitted to go into the United Nations building. We were among forty students in the United States to represent Girls Learn International. The parent organization of GLI is the Feminist Majority Foundation. I received the opportunity to speak in front of leaders of both organizations to inform others of how Girls Learn International affects my life daily.

While we missed six days of school, the experience was completely worth it. I am extremely grateful for the fundraising Tiara Naidu , Ms. Widdop and I received via GoFundMe. The screening of the documentary “13th” encouraged donations, in which we received about $100 for our travels.

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