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Beauty and the Beast Retold

With Disney on a mission to recreate their old classics, it is no surprise they chose to remake one of their most acclaimed animated films, Beauty and the Beast. The new film made its debut on March 17, making upwards of $170 million in its opening weekend alone.

Many critics had their doubts about yet another Disney remake. How could they improve such a beloved classic? Yet Disney somehow managed to capture the classic Beauty and the Beast tale in a modern rendition that takes the audience’s breath away. The effects used in the movie were incredibly impressive and smoothly integrated the animated characters into the live action set without a hitch. Not only were the animations impressive, but the actors as well.

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Emma Watson brought an independent, but lovable persona to the Belle role. Her strong will and refusal to marry Gaston makes this inventive character all the more lovable. Senior Sophia Muro had this to say about Watson’s performance:  “Belle was always my favorite princess, and getting to see Emma Watson, who is known as a really influential advocate for women’s rights, is really inspiring.”

Pair her with the charming castle staff, and Disney has a cast of characters that worm their way into every heart. Even the beast, Dan Stevens, though distant and aggressive at first, becomes loyal and big-hearted as the movie progresses. Though according to Junior Gabrielle Postma, “The beast was honestly cuter than the prince… I almost wish he had stayed a beast!”

Disney brought their best to the table and nailed this new rendition of Beauty and the Beast. The casting was on point and the animations and effects were mind-boggling. Though it is always hard to live up to an original, Disney managed to create a new tale that remains true to the first film while embracing modern twists that keeps the audience on their toes. Beauty and the Beast is a must see and is out in theaters now.

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