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Workouts You Can Do At Home


Sometimes it is nice to workout inside, especially when it is raining, which happens a lot in Washington.  If you are struggling to find some good workouts to do at home, here are some ideas you can try.  No equipment needed!

1.   Mountain Climbers  


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2.   Plank



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For the plank, make sure to suck in your stomach.  If you want to push yourself a little more, try the one at the bottom.  This workout is good for building core strength.


3.  Kick boxing  turbo kick


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This workout helps with balance and strengthening your legs.  Do 10 on one side then 10 on the other side.  Make sure to have the foot that remains on the ground pointed away from you.


4.  Bicycle Crunches


Core strengthening 

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5.  Lunges


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For this type of lunge, start by standing, then squat, then go back into standing position then squat with the other leg.  Do about 30 of these.

6.  Wall Sit


Lean against a wall for 60 seconds bending down as much as you can.

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7.  Ice Skater Exercise 

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8.   Jumping Jacks

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If you want to give yourself a challenge, you can do regular jumping jacks then jump in the air, as shown in the photo.


9.  Knee pushup

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10. Upward Facing Dog

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11.  Downward Dog

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The downward dog helps with flexibility and strengthening your calf muscles. 


12.  Cat & Cow pose

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This yoga pose helps with posture while strengthening your back.


Good luck!



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