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Tommy Geaslen holding his new cleat for Unified Soccer.

With the many sports team at CHS, many do not know the ones that focus on inclusion and fun. One of these all important sports teams is the Unified Soccer League.

Unified soccer is a way for students with and without a variety of disabilities to work on the same team and compete. To promote social inclusion, Camas uses shared sports training and competition experiences. This path of working on the same team leads to friendship and acceptance.

Camas High School has three Unified teams based on the ability of the students. Camas was the first school in Washington to reach three Unified Soccer Teams.

In the 2016 season, Camas High School also became District Champions and placed 2nd at State with the Unified Soccer Team.

Every Friday during TLT time, the Unified Soccer Team meets for practice.

Camas also offers Unified Basketball which is equally successful.

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I am a part of the unified soccer team and it is such a great experience. I really love making new friends and playing soccer every Saturday with them!

I think its pretty cool that kids with disabilities are able to participate in a team of equal skill level and they still have fun doing it. Hopefully the can take first in the following years.

Unified soccer seems like a great opportunity for kids who might not be able to play sports get a chance to play but to have lots of fun as well

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