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Getting to Know your Associate Principals: Tom Morris

In every school there are tons of faculty and staff to help the system run smoothly. Although behind the teachers in the classrooms there are a few people that deserve some appreciation. This week the nation celebrated Associate Principals Week. Students can honor this occasion by learing more about their associate principals and showing their appreciation.

One of the four associate principals at Camas High is Tom Morris. Morris has worked in the Camas School District for 22 years, 14 of those years spent at CHS. Before Morris worked at Camas High, he taught math at JDZ and at Skyridge.

As an associate principal Morris deals with evaluating teachers, overseeing Freshmen Success Academy and ELA Smarter Balance Testing. He is also in charge of students grades 9-12 with last names Mo-Z. Morris explained, that although he enjoys working and interacting with students and parents, he finds it most challenging to get to know all of his students. Outside of school, Morris enjoys spending time with his kids and fishing.

When asked how students could show appreciation for the work Morris does he replied, “For me, it’s pretty simple. Just smile and say ‘Hi.’ A smile goes a long way.”

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