Camping Do’s and Don’ts

Camping season has arrived just in time for spring break. Make sure to have a good time using these top camping tips!

Camping out in the middle of nowhere is not for everyone. Luckily the Pacific Northwest is blessed with a number of different campsites and parks, so there is a place to fit anyone’s needs. Campers should pick sites that have the amenities and accessibility they need to have a successful camping trip because hiking 10 miles to a campsite may be ideal for one camper, but another’s worst nightmare. So do your research before choosing your camping destination.

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Camping safety is also super important. Every campsite has its wildlife, so know what animals frequent the area and come prepared. Bears are common in the Northwest and can smell food from far away so always pack food either in cars or high up and away from the tent. Leave no food in the tent! No one wants to wake up to find a giant grizzly bear sniffing around the campsite. Make sure to also bring a first aid kit, bug spray and sunscreen to keep campers happy and injury free.

Sadly, the camping lifestyle is not conducive to home cooked meals, so rather than bringing along a full pantry of complicated ingredients, stick to the camping basics. Bring protein rich foods like peanut butter and trail mix because these provide plenty of fuel and keep stomachs full and happy. Also plan for simple dinners like soup and beans or hotdogs over the fire. This makes packing much simpler and limits the time you have to spend away from nature.

Packing light is another good camping tip, especially when campers have to hike to their site. Only pack essential items and learn from past trips. If you did not use something on your last trip, do not bring it along on this camping trip. Smaller packs means quicker setup and cleanup. Plus it makes hikes to and from the site much more doable!

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Though light packing is encouraged, some things are necessary for a successful camping adventure. For example, bring a tent with the appropriate weather resistance and of the right size. The tent is a key camping piece, but do not forget a warm sleeping bag and sleeping cushion to protect you from the cold and the hard ground below. A pillow is always a nice touch as well.

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy some nature, so take advantage over spring break and go camping! Just do not forget these handy camping tips.

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