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Women’s History Month: Michelle Obama

There have been multiple women who have made the world a better place, simply by caring for people they did not know, Michelle Obama is one of them. Michelle has been an inspiration to many little girls all around the world. As First Lady, Michelle was an amazing example of the duty people have to serve each other, she was also the epitome of class, elegance, and strength. With a fierce love for children, and her country, Michelle took the lives of every kid in her hands, and she truly fought for a better future for the kids, and for America. Michelle Obama started many programs including Let’s MovImage result for michelle obamae! in 2010 encouraging kids to exercise to bring down obesity rates. Michelle Obama also in 2011 started Joining Forces, with Dr. Jill Biden, in an attempt to help service members, current and old, feel supported and loved. In 2014 Michelle started the Reach Higher iniative which encouraged kids to aim for a better healthy education, and in turn give them better choices in their lives.  Also in 2015, Mr. and Mrs. Obama put their powers together and started their Let Girls Learn a government program that implored other countries to let their girls, ladies, and women get an education and equal rights.

All while Michelle was doing all these programs and pretty much just changing the world for the better, she was raising her own children into beautiful and lovely young ladies. Michelle also took times to appear on Disney Channel multiple times, she also did interviews, and made herself viewable and relatable to all who saw her.

Michelle Obama greatly changed the standard for what a First Lady should do, and there will never be anyone as sweet, compassionate, loyal, and just funny as her. Thank you for all of your love and for how much effort you put into caring about the younger generation in America. You have set a high standard of what it means to be a woman, and I speak for a lof of people when I say you have changed my life completely. Much love and respect.

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