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Rumor Mill: iPhone Upgrade

The tech savvies are ready. The iPhone 8 is not.

Buying the latest and greatest iPhone is a priority to many tech nerds around the world, and the circulation of rumors about the iPhone 8 started immediately after the release of the iPhone 7.

Later this year, Apple is expected to announce the purchase date for the iPhone 8. There are three models set to release for this iPhone generation, unlike past generations of the Apple product that released two models.

Many consumers complain about the short battery life of every iPhone; naturally, Apple promises (again) wireless charging and longer battery life for consumers.

A concept of the next generation of iPhone. Courtesy BGR.

Facial recognition could possibly replace the Touch-ID feature of the past three generations of iPhones. This increase in the price will be a result of this feature.

The price tag could be $1,000, which is not an affordable price for the average consumer. Without a two-year upgrade, the iPhone 7 about $700.

The iPhone 8 rumors to have a glass body with edge-to-edge technology. This means the screen ends on the very tip of the phone, not on a flat screen like all previous iPhones.

The iPhone 8 could also have a flexible screen that will absolutely prevent shattering for clumsy consumers. This could be the first smartphone to fold in half.

What amazes people currently is the new RED iPhone is the newest craze for iPhone fanatics. Those who purchase a RED iPhone contribute to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs and to eradicate AIDS completely.

This was a rumor that proved true. Will rumors from 9to5Mac or Mac Rumors become reality?

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Apple needs to actually put some effort into making the iphone a phone that is good quality and gives consumers what they payed for. They just keep rushing out the newest phone that is just a big money grab.

Iphones coming out every year makes me think that they are not at their full potential and are rushing them out for easy cash.

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