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Camas Co-Ed Volleyball: A Sport for All

Get the sign-up sheets because it is just around the corner: Camas co-ed recreational volleyball 2017 season is almost here! All that attend Camas high school are welcome to construct a team or be placed on one regardless of gender, experience or class. Teams made up of girls and boys are required, that being the case, there must be at least three of each gender on a team. What this season entails is a series of weekly games and teams that can have all different sorts of players. Practices and games will be held at Camas High School. Practice times could differ from 6-8 pm and/or 8-10 pm and will be held on Fridays from April 14th until June 2nd and will be run by Valerie and Jesse Parbon. There are informational sign-up sheets in the office and must be turned in by March 31 to be eligible for a free t-shirt and a reduced fee.


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This is a great opportunity to personalize a team with friends and experience the amusement that this program has to offer. Co-Ed volleyball is a phenomenal way to gain new relationships with a variety people that have different skill levels, “All Camas Community-Ed sports are a great way to play the game with your friends and at your own level, I strongly suggest doing all the Co-Ed sports you can” said a previous participant in Unified. The Camas co-ed teams in general, are a way to be comfortable in your own skin and play to the best of your ability with others.


Link to online signup sheet:

Click to access Co-Ed-Student-Rec-Volleyball.pdf

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