Women’s History Month: Coretta Scott King


Coretta Scott King is a writer and human right’s activist.  Along with helping alongside Martin Luther King in his Civil Rights movement, she helped with other issues like Women’s rights. After her husband, Martin Luther King, died, she continued to help with world issues like education, religion, health etc.  She helped in different countries around the world making peaceful protests.

In school, she studied music and had sung at some of Martin Luther Kings rallies to promote peaceful protest and awareness.  She became the first woman at Harvard to tell the daily address at Harvard and the first women to preach at St. Pauls Cathedral.   After Martin Luther became popular, she worked alongside him in any way she could.  She used her voice for all types of issues, changing people’s perspective on what’s right.

Coretta Scott King died January 30, 2009, at the age of 79 in Mexico.  Some of her kids continued her work, creating peace and standing up for issues.  Mrs. King is a woman who changed history with grace and showed us that we are all equal no matter what color, gender, status or wealth.




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