Society’s influence on beliefs

Does a person have the right to possess the thoughts, beliefs, and opinions in their head? According to the first amendment of the Constitution, yes, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech”, but does society allow for this? Through the decades, culture has witnessed certain schools of thought try to press in on those that opposed, are things so different today?

If one is truly free, truly liberated, then a person needs to be able to stand without guilt, freedom to own their own thoughts and freedom from persecution. Jocylynn Laurman, a junior at Camas High School feels the weight of others opinions pushing down on hers saying ” I feel in society we are almost shunned or judged when we express our beliefs or try to practice them. I’m often afraid that I will be made fun of or teased for what I believe in.” Courtesy Google

Many people believe that they stand for the freedom of thought, opinion, and belief, however when they are faced with opposition to what they believe, often times they want to oppose that opposite thought by applying pressure and shame. In today’s society, there are things occurring in politics, religion and such that make people think and believe in different ways, but everyone has the right to believe differently.

Being forceful in the way of opinion gets nowhere, a person is not going to change unless they want to change. The diversity of thought and belief is what stands as building blocks for the government to have balance.  No person can have the freedom of expression without a mutual understanding of the competing thoughts right to possess their opinions.

In reality, truly believing in freedom of speech, thought, religion, whatever it is, one must not only believe that they possess the right, but that others also have the same right, even if their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs do not agree with theirs.


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