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Spreading Joy Internationally

After months of rain and snow, the sun finally came out to celebrate the first day of spring. March 20 also marks
d International Day of Happiness. A group in Portland is doing the best they can to spread joy to all.

This Joy team has worked since 2010 to a make people’s lives better a little at a time. Their mission “is to build community by spreading joy, optimism, and inspiration.” In celebration of International Day of Happiness, the Joy Team is working on their “Smile Across America” project. This team is working on filling the nation with positive, accepting billboards that spread the joy through short messages. The team has worked on these messages for three years in honor of this celebration.

This day is also celebrated by the United Nations and was adopted on June 28, 2012. This day is used to promote, preserve, and celebrate the universal human right of happiness. To read more about the UN’s International Day of Happiness visit 

There are many things students at Camas High School can do to spread joy and happiness in celebration of this day. It does not take a lot to brighten someone’s day. Here are a few ideas of what students can do to spread happiness:

  1. Smile at someone in the hallways
  2. write happy notes to give to people
  3. sit by someone that is alone
  4. talk to someone new
  5. help a teacher clean their classroom
  6. write a letter to a family member
  7. give a sincere compliment
  8. help stack chairs in the cafeteria
  9. say good morning/afternoon to teachers and staff
  10. help clean up trash in the parking lot
  11. open the door for a friend
  12. say thank you to someone who helped you
  13. give somebody a high five in the hallway
  14. hold an umbrella for someone in the rain
  15. leave sidewalk chalk notes on the sidewalk

There is no better time to make someone smile because “happiness is a birthright.”

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