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Waste in Our Space

A tree found full of trash while the Green Team was picking up.

Part of developing character is always doing the right thing even when people aren’t watching.  Along with the Plate Grant issue, the school has been dealing with an enormous amount of trash in the area surrounding the school.

On Wednesday, March 1, the Green team collected around 25-30 pounds of waste in these areas. Green team has worked on collecting the trash in the parking lots and surrounding area. With no trash cans in the parking lots, the students have made a habit of leaving waste on the ground and in the trees. The school is working on acquiring waste bins, but for now, they ask the students to wait and throw things away until they are in the school building.

Only three staff members have been hired to pick up the three hundred acres surrounding the school. This is why the Green team volunteered to help out; however, they cannot do it alone. This problem can be stopped with the help of the students.

The Green team brainstormed a list of ideas of what the school can do to solve this problem. One of their ideas was to have designated parking spaces for students so that administrators can intervene if trash is found by the same places. Another idea they had was to monitor security cameras to find the repeated offenders.

Claire Burch, a freshman, shared her idea to fix this issue, “if students see trash on the road then they should help pick it up because each person helping out can grow into so much more.”

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Anna Walbruch is a junior at Camas, participating in her second year in journalism. Anna is the new editor in chief for The Camsaonian for the 2018-2019 school year. Anna is also a Running Start student working toward her Associate's degree.

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I haven’t really noticed a lot of trash around the campus but I have never really paid attention to it. I will definitely keep an eye out for waste around the school and throw it away if I do see any !

Wow, I never knew this was a problem at Camas. We should definitely do more to reduce the amount of trash around the campus. I’ll be sure to do my part to fix this problem

This article was very encouraging and eye opening. I had no idea this was going on at school but now that I know I will make sure to do my best to help out.

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