Courts for Kids

Spring break is just around the corner, and that means a group of Camas High School students gears up to help build courts for children from various countries. The mission of Courts for Kids, a non-profit organization, is to “transform lives through building courts and cultural exchange”.

Volunteers and locals work together to build the court (Courtesy Courts for Kids)

This year, students had the opportunity to apply to travel to Nicaragua or Guatemala. The goal of the trip is to provide sport courts in rural villages for people who are less fortunate. Through building courts, the organization provides opportunities to create meaningful relationships and to demonstrate hard work, integrity, and humility.

Traveling to new places, experiencing new and exciting adventures are just a small portion of the trip. Students will also be able to be exposed to different ways of life, traditions, foods, languages, and education.

Junior Sophie Sanzobrin says, “In courts for kids I’m hoping to accomplish a better gratitude for the life I live. I realize that some things aren’t as important as we make them seem back here in the United States and I want to gain that other perspective on life by the time I come back.”


Junior Taylor Adams, who is attending the Guatemala trip states, “I am so excited to have this amazing opportunity to help children in Guatemala by building a sport court not just for them, but for the entire community. I have been blessed with an immense amount of support from my friends and family, and I can’t wait to experience this chance of a lifetime!”

Junior Sophie Sanzobrin is attending the Nicaragua trip says, “I love the idea of courts for kids because you get a build a court which allows kids and families to come together by playing a sport and sports bring communities together and I just think it’s a really good idea. also, I love in general babysitting little kids learning about their imagination and what makes them happy and I can’t wait to connect with the children there and hopefully bring the more happiness and they bring me happiness as well. Lastly I really just love the idea of going to a new culture and getting different perspectives on what life is all about and what other people do to be happy in general versus my life here in the United States.”

Junior Kyle Allen is attending the Guatemala trip says, “I think courts for kids is a good experience for the volunteers to experience other cultures outside of theirs and to help kids not as fortunate as them. I chose to be a part of it because I enjoy helping others especially kids. I want to share some of the luxuries I have with kids who don’t have as much.”

Junior Ben Hunt who is attending the Guatemala trip says, “I think courts for kids brings hope to kids for a better future. I chose to be apart of this because I know that I’m not only building a basketball court, but I’m also building a future for children in a developing country.”

Junior Thomas Mooney, who is attending the Nicaragua trip, says “Courts for kids is really an opportunity for anyone to go and immerse themselves in another culture, and essentially realize the differences and things we take for granted in our daily lives. I am very excited to be able to interact with the kids in Nicaragua and be able to help provide a court for them to be able to utilize and grow in their athletic abilities. The court is super important for a community because it provides a sense of unity and gives the kids something to have in common. These Children, who are often very prejudiced against can find a place to unite with others in their community and I am very excited to be able to assist in giving them that opportunity.”

Schools from all over the United States are involved with sending their students to the yearly trips Courts for Kids provide. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in communities outside of our own. Anyone interested in the mission that they have pursued but can not attend one of their trips, visit their website and donate money to future trips!



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