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AP Tests Around the Corner: Dealing with Stress

With AP tests right around the corner, stress is in the air. Luckily, there are many ways for stressed out students to tackle the stress monster.

One of the easiest ways to tackle stress is exercise. Though it may not seem like taking more time away from homework is the best idea, taking half an hour to go on a jog helps free the mind and relieve the body of tension. The same goes for eating healthy snacks instead of sugar or fat loaded snacks. Healthy snacks like fruit help fuel the mind and can provide the body with vitamins in a time when illness runs rampant.


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Another way to minimize stress is to stay organized as AP tests draw closer. Stay caught up on homework and make sure to understand all of the curriculum. Planners with both a monthly calendar and a calendar week by week can be incredibly helpful. By planning out the months leading up to AP tests, students can maximize study time and still have a life outside of school.


Organization and a healthy lifestyle always make life simpler, but sometimes stress is so overpowering that people need a creative way to keep it at bay.


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Animals can be a great stress reliever. When stress becomes too much, go play fetch with a dog or take 20 minutes to read a book with a cat. Tea, and other herbs like lavender are also known to combat stress, so take a minute to drink a cup of tea while doing homework or sniff some lavender when life seems like it is too much.


Sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back. Studying, homework and after school activities are daunting when they pile up in the spring, so even though taking the time to do something enjoyable is the last thing on the mind, it is exactly what should be done. Take half an hour to watch a show on Netflix, read a favorite book or do a favorite activity. This releases endorphins and allows the body to relax. After that the three hours of homework does not seem so bad!

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In fact all the points you gave are very good for relieving stress among students. May I contribute one other way of relieving stress?
It is interesting to know that many people feel happy after swimming. It affects the body’s neurotransmitters which impact the mood and brings about stress-relieving hormones. Swimming helps you to focus on your body and closing the outside world out for moment. The water loosens you up and isolates you from your surroundings.
Swimming is very technical and calls for focus on body movement techniques and strokes that can make you forget about everything else, thus giving your mind a good break. Swimming can also enlarge your lungs and create an opportunity to take deep breath that can make you relax.
You can listen to music while you swim. Swim in a cold but not warm water, and swim in a pool not crowded.
I hope this will give you a lot of relaxation of mind to approach your studies.

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