Broke Style: Six Ways to Shop on a Low Budget

The day-to-day life of a student can be filled with homework, jobs, extracurriculars and stress, the last thing any student needs is to be in a financial bind. The price of an updated wardrobe can weigh in on the pressure of a student. Follow these tips and discover new ways to shrink a budget and grow a wardrobe.

Buy universal clothing: When shopping on a low budget, finding a focal article of clothing to construct an outfit around is helpful; statement piece necklace, embroidered bomber jacket or a bold shoe could be the best pieces to build off of. A piece that calls attention will distract from the other clothing and draw the eye to where it is meant to be.

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Keep track of sales: Sales are a key way to keep spending to a minimum, the best way to keep track of sales is by finding a sale calendar online. The best time to shop at sales are after the holiday season or after back to school shopping is over. It is not always the best choice to power through the immense crowds of Black Friday.

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Quality over Quantity: Spend hard earned money on something that could be put to good use. A shirt that would be worn until it is ragged is a better use of money than a pair of suede oxfords that you could only wear on days that are not pouring rain(a rarity in the pacific northwest).

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Become internet savvy: Online shopping is not only easy, it can often save one more money than if they shopped at a store. Sometimes becoming a member of a particular store can save money and get deals. A store’s website may also have promotion codes to enter that can shave some money of the purchase or shipping. Being an internet shopper is an easy way of staying on budget,” I only buy clothes online” said a freshman Kate Golb,” everything is so much more convenient.”

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Plan ahead: A three quarter sleeve blazer that will only be worn with other semi-formal wear is not as intelligible of a purchase as a simple pair of jeans that could be used as often as every week. While looking for items, imagine what outfits that could be paired with it. If this article of clothing could be used in multiple outfits, chances are it will be worn more often.

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Price adjustments: If one is willing to go to extremes, keeping receipts are helpful when an item goes on sale after one has already purchased it. If one is so desperate to save any money they can, that individual can go back to the store and redeem their item to get their clothing for the sale price. Some stores do not accept the price adjustment but occasionally, the price will be redeemed,” I always make sure to keep my receipts in case a store has a sale, I don’t always save a lot but it definitely helps” said Kennedy Gardner, a savvy shopper.


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