A Week Of Optimism

Positive thinking can be difficult especially when tough things come your way.  Here are some ideas to improve your positive thinking:

Science Behind It

Our frontal lobe controls critical thinking, and for adults, since their brain has matured, they rationalize things, but children and teens do not have a fully developed brain, so they act more on emotions.  Our right side of our prefrontal cortex (PFC) controls negative emotions while the left side controls positive thinking.

According to Psychology Today, “Optimistic people tend to have better moods, to be more persevering and successful, and to experience better physical health.”  It is a proven fact that positive thinking people have better lives and can face challenges easier.  In order to achieve that, here are some steps to make your brain happy!

  • Each day say three things you are grateful for (make sure to be specific).
  • Meditate every day for at least 5 minutes.
  • Do something outside/exercise (yoga is a great way to relieve stress).
  • Have a daily or weekly affirmation that you tell yourself to bring your spirits up.

Science Behind Exercise

When you work out, your body produces endorphins that send positivity to your brain.  According to Live Strong, “Regular exercise can help you attain a happier state of mind and a better quality of life.”  If you’re a person that struggles with stress, depression, or anxiety, exercise can be very beneficial to your mood and struggles.  Yoga is a great way to relieve stress, along with helping with increasing positive attitude.  Fit Day states, “Yoga is known for increasing feelings of well-being and strengthening positive mental attitude.” 


Affirmations are saying that motivate you or make you feel good about yourself.  You can find some good affirmations on Pinterest, as well as other social media websites that show quotes.  The next time you feel down, tell yourself an affirmation!

Examples of affirmations:

  • I can do this!
  • I’m strong!
  • I am worthy of my dreams
  • I am in charge of how I feel
  • Each day is a new beginning
  • Most of the stuff people worry about never happens


A great way to start and end your day is meditation.  If new to meditation it’s basically a time where you go somewhere quiet and focus your energy on how you feel or clear your mind.  Although meditation can feel awkward at first, after some practice you will get the hang of it!  The link below shows ways to meditate.

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