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Preview to the Show: Genius

New show, ‘Genius’, will be premiered April 25th, 2017 on the National Geographic channel.  The story will outline Albert Einstein’s life and childhood in a ten episode series.  Geoffrey Rush is playing Albert Einstein and Johnny Flynn is playing Einstein in his younger years.

Rush has been in several movies like Pirates of The Caribbean, The Book Thief, Minions, and Shine. For this show, things are different from productions he has done before.  He states, “In playing a role like this, you aim for a similarity and also to bring him to life as one’s own Einstein.” (National Geographic)  Show director, Ron Howard, tells Variety “I hope that this story, as well as those of other geniuses, will both entertain and inspire the next generation of Einstein’s.”

Interesting Facts about Albert Einstein

-He loves playing the violin and is a big fan of classical music, especially Mozart

-He was a high school dropout

-Charlie Chaplin was one of his best friends

-He was passionate about anti-racism

-He loved to sail

-He didn’t like socks and often didn’t wear them

-He didn’t start speaking till he was four years old

Make sure to watch it!


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but Americans make similar comments about those from different regions all the time and I don’t think that anyone would want a wall to be built between us. Actually, I was surprised by how similar to the U.S. the various groups were. German history is definitely very fascinating, and is itself a big reason why I’m studying the language. It’s interesting to get to see how the various historical legacies of different events plays out into the present.

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