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Ways to Memorize Your Poem

Being able to memorize things is a good skill to have in life, but not everyone has that skill.  For poetry out loud, students are required to memorize a poem and perform it to their class.  Here are some ways to make memorizing your poem easier…good luck!

  • Highlight words that you keep forgetting and really focus on the meaning of them
  • Recite one phrase adding one more each time
  • Write down your poem while reciting it
  • Print up your poem and put it somewhere in your house you go often and recite it every time you see it. For example taping the poem to your door and reciting it before you enter
  • Recite your poem before you go to bed
  • Draw pictures of words or phrases that make you remember that line
  • Have your poem as your screensaver on your phone
  • Take a walk and recite your poem

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