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As the sun comes out, the rain starts to fall and spring begins, so do the sports and activities that come with it. One of these activities is the spring musical. This year Camas High School is actively working to pull together the exciting and magical Cinderella musical.

The show will display this fantasy fairytale through singing and dancing. Although it is not the original Disney story, the broadway version of Cinderella goes into greater depth of the characters and introduces a few new ones, including Jean-Michel who protests against the kingdom throughout the show. Laura

Laura Teames, a sophomore who is cast as “a dancer, a lady, and a townie,” explains, “It is the same story, just a more adult version.” Teames also explained, “It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and have fun.”

Practices began after the cast was chosen through the tryout process. Every Monday through Friday, cast members rehearse music, choreography, and scenes from 3-6.

This year, the cast is lucky to have costumes made and altered by Carol Babilon, a professional designer currently working with the Metropolitan Performing Arts Academy as the costume shop manager. The sets were designed by Sean Kelly and made by the cast and adult volunteers. Every Saturday is set aside for construction and all cast members are required to go to two full sessions.

Clayton Lukens, a freshman who is cast as Lord Pinkerton commented, “The costumes for this show are really impressive and so is the set, it’s a real blessing to have such great people to do the designing.”

The show will open on March 17th and run through the 25th, show your support and check out the Camas cast.



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