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How To: Slow Dance


Something that always holds us back from going to a school dance is… the dancing part.  Whether your moves are stiff or you are completely new to dancing, here are some tips and tricks to help you feel comfortable on the dance floor.  

Move with the music

Get a feel of the beat of the music.  Ask yourself ¨is the music upbeat?  Slow?¨  From there look at the people dancing and observe the mood of the setting.  When the music is more upbeat start by swaying from side to side focusing on your legs.  After you are comfortable with that, start adding more motion to become less stiff and more relaxed.  




          Courtesy Google                                                                                              Courtesy Google

            Wrong Way                                                                                                       Correct Way   

Slow Dance

One thing that everyone should learn how to do is slow dance.  For this type of dancing, practice with a friend or parent at home, who knows how to slow dance.  There are several different types of slow dancing but there are two that are most common.  For the first type of slow dance, the men place both hands on the lady’s lower back, while the ladies place both their hands around the man’s neck.  One thing to keep in mind for this type of slow dance, is to 1) move with the music 2) do not feel the need to move perfectly.  Your legs should move from side to side.  The other type of dance is the most common one used.  For this one the man places one hand on the ladies lower back and one in your partner’s hand up in the air. The women put their hand on or around the man’s shoulder and the other holding her partners hand.  


              Courtesy Google                                                                                                  Courtesy Google

           First Method                                                                               Second Method


Friday, February 25th, CHS is having a Glo Lo dance.  Good place to try out your moves!









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