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DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is easy to feel pressured to buy something super sweet for the people that you love. However, the problem is sometimes that is expensive, and if you are like any other high school student, you may not haImage result for valentine dayve the money to pay for something special for every member of your family. Here are some cheap inexpensive things, that are super easy, and very cute, and easy to make yourself.

  1. Paper Hearts: Print out some hearts on a piece of paper, and color them in, or use the print out as a stencil and trace more hearts with different colored construction paper. After that, use a hole punch, and punch a hole in the top of each heart. Use a piece of balloon string to string the hearts together, and then hang them up on a wall at home.
  2. Valentine’s Day letters: Make letters that say Happy Valentine’s Day, and then like the paper hearts, hole punch the top, string them and hang them up.
  3. Balloons: Buy a pack of balloons at the Dollar Tree that is Valentines Day themed, and make a balloon bouquet. Make multiples of these, and hang them all around your house. Lamps and Chairs make the best location for hanging them up.
  4. Chocolate: Chocolate is an easy inexpensive thing to get, and very tasty.
  5. Streamers: Find Valentine’s Day Streamers and hang them up around the house. Streamers look best hanging from mantels or any walkways that may be in the house.
  6. Valentines Day Tablecloth: These are very cute, and can often brighten the room up quite a bit.
  7. Valentines Day Sugar Cookies: If baking is a strong suit, then Valentine’s Day sugar cookies are a must have. Bake the cookies, and then decorate them with Valentine’s Day colored frosting. After this place them on a Valentines’ Day Tray near a bouquet of flowers, or balloons. Not only are they a cute decoration, they are also quite yummy.

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