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Embracing Our Differences

This week, February 13-17, a new tradition is beginning at Camas High School. Several of the school’s clubs put together a spirit week to celebrate the diversity at CHS. Students can participate by wearing different colored outfits on each day. Information booths will be set up every day at lunch. After school, the community that each day was dedicated to will have a meeting and an open discussion on a topic chosen by them.

  • Monday, 13th : International Club (Wear Blue)
  • Tuesday, 14th : Gay-Straight Alliance (Wear Red)
  • Wednesday, 15th : International Human Rights Club (Wear Pink)
  • Thursday, 16th : Muslim Student Association (Wear Green)
  • Friday, 17th : Unity Day (Wear White)

Brenton Riddle, a senior who spearheaded the spirit week, says, “Unity Day is a very special day of the week because it is dedicated to the entire student body! People of all backgrounds can gather in either commons during lunch to write postcards to state representatives and get some rainbow sherbert (with a completed stamp card).” Additionally, on Unity Day, there will be a documentary screening of

Additionally, on Unity Day, there will be a documentary screening of Call Me Kuchu at 6:30 pm in the North Commons. “This movie explores the Ugandan fight for LGBTQ+ rights in a male-dominated political system,” says Riddle, “it’s really telling to how intersectionality affects the lives of individuals.”

Acceptance Week has been in the making for over a month according to Megan Baffaro, President of the International Club.

“The other officers and I hope that Acceptance Week will bring not only our clubs but also the whole school together with the common goal of acceptance (for all races, religions, sexualities, genders, etc..), which I think is especially important right now with the political climate we are experiencing. There is a lot of hatred being shown, so we are sort of aiming to combat that.”

The event is the first of its kind, Riddle says, “The inspiration for the week was drawn by combining multiple different ideas that Gay-Straight Alliance members have shared and combining them into one large, weeklong event.”

Acceptance Week is unique in the fact that it is a club created event, not a typical ASB spirit week. A lot of work has gone into making it happen, “I would like to give special recognition to all of Gay-Straight Alliance’s members for their support in making an event like this possible. Trent Vallejo and Abigail Jiang have been huge helps in spreading the word about the week,” Riddle said.

Those involved in Acceptance Week hope that students understand diversity is something to be celebrated. Show your support by wearing each club’s colors on their day of the week.

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