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Palentine’s Day

Flowers, candy, chocolate, hearts, cards, love, but what if you haven’t found your true love yet? How can you make this holiday special without that special someone? For 700 years Valentine’s Day has been the celebration of love and commitment, but for many, it can be a day to celebrate love for family, friends, and even strangers. Here are some ideas to fill this day with love.

How you can love yourself:

  1.  rent a movie
  2. read a new book
  3.  go on a walk/hike
  4. binge watch Netflix
  5. try something new

How you can love your family:

  1. Make some treats to share
  2. play games together
  3. go on a walk
  4. do something helpful for each member
  5. go see a movie together

How you can love your friends:

  1. plan a party
  2. leave treat/notes at their locker
  3. work out together
  4. buy them coffee
  5. send a letter

How you can love the community:

  1. buy flowers for a stranger
  2. volunteer at a pet shelter
  3. make Valentine cards for people you do not know
  4. organize a trash pickup party
  5. schedule a group visit to a nursing home

Help make this Valentine’s Day full of love and kindness for others.

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