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Love, July

For her senior project, Aubrey Johnson has created a literary vlog, a video blog that tells the story of fictional characters. Love, July portrays July Stilwell and her friends and provides entertainment as well as a deeper theme of awareness of other people.

Love, July Logo. Courtesy Youtube

Last summer Johnson had the inspiration to create Love, July. “I thought it would be a fun project,she said.

The project is not without its challenges. “The hours (are the hardest part). I’ve already clocked 110 hours since getting the project approved, and that’s not counting the writing. There are four actors plus extras. I have cinematographers and a crew. People came out and auditioned.” Luckily, she has some help. “My mentor is a big influence. She worked on film and she’s willing to give me space and let me explore.”

“The overall theme is watching what you say. What you post will affect people and you won’t always see how. Empathy is a big theme, and there’s more to the story that what you see. When it’s done I want people to walk away with that lesson. Look at people in a different way, because there’s always more to the story.” The themes presented in Love, July are messages Johnson hopes the viewers understand. 

Participation is key. A lot of work went into making this vlog series come to life. Not only does the entire series have a Facebook and Twitter account, each individual character has either Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. “It would help for people to interact with them. The characters interact back,” Johnson said. Here are some of the accounts and a link to the channel:

Channel Link:

Vlog Accounts:



July Stilwell:

Tyler Morris:

Zita Smith:



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