When the Internet is Down

Whether it is caused by storms, accidents, or falling trees, almost everyone will experience a time when their internet is down. Sometimes it happens after the bills are paid and research projects are turned in, but it can happen to others during the worst possible times.

With millions of people now attached to their smartphones with instant access to internet, having the internet fail for a time can leave a burden on people’s lives. The main purpose for the internet, to give us entertainment and knowledge, is gone. So what is there to do if you cannot access the latest online cat video? Here are a few possible suggestions:

1. Take a long walk.

Take a stroll down the neighborhood or around the block. If you feel the need to be adventurous, find some friends and go for a hike at a local park.

2. Take a long, hot bath.

Take advantage of the alone time and enjoy a warm bath. Enhance the experience by simply adding bath salts, bombs, or bubbles.

3. Clean out the kitchen cabinets for once.

Everyone has that one junk drawer that collects markers without lids, unwanted candy wrappers, or old electrical cords that do not serve a purpose anymore. Spend an afternoon decluttering the drawer and reward yourself with a treat for all your hard work!

4. Rearrange your closet and bedroom.

A new look in the bedroom will inspire more creativity within your life and kill some time while you wait for the wi-fi to work again.

5. Read a book.

Grab a warm blanket, your favorite cup of brew and bunker down for a night of adventure as you get lost in a fictional world of characters.

6. Watch a movie.

Invite friends and family over for an in-home movie night. Ask your guests to bring their favorite films and snacks then enjoy the movie while surrounded by loved ones.

7. Play a game.

Grab some snacks, invite a couple of friends over, and experience a night of fun with no technology. Possible games include card games, board games, twister, or mafia.

8. Clean out your closet.

Make a difference in your local community by organizing your closet and donating items that you have not worn in a while. Donate to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or food bank.

9. Create a new workout plan.

One of the easiest ways to pass the time while you wait for the internet to come back on is to get up and exercise. You do not need a home gym or gym membership to get in a daily sweat, rather just determination and some fun workouts to get you started.

10. Take some pictures.

Photograph some friends with silly props or take a hike for a few nature shots, then make a slide show to show friends and family to show off your amazing photography skills.

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