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Tardies, Traffic, and Buses, Oh My!

As most know, either through first-hand experience or second-hand complaining, Camas High School has a terrible traffic situation. Backed-up buses, panicked parents and delayed drivers; most days, first period really ‘starts’ ten minutes after the late bell when all the students finally make their way from the parking lot to the classroom.

Camas High School Principal Steve Marshall discusses how, given the snow days the district has faced this year, “Instructional minutes are at a premium,” and losing the first ten minutes of first period every day adds up quickly.

“We are a growing community and it is taking longer to drive from home to work/home to school than it used to,” says Marshall. Many first-period teachers are frustrated with announcements stating ‘ten buses are stuck in traffic, please excuse any latecomers,’ so the administration is trying out the new solution.

Starting Monday, January 30, Camas High School will implement a new policy to “enforce period 1 tardies” by issuing late passes to students arriving late by bus. Essentially, a security officer will deliver passes to any buses arriving after 7:35 am which is then distributed to students riding that bus.

Any personal vehicles, or students being dropped off, will not be excused or given a pass in an effort to, “Shift the traffic ahead 5 -10 minutes,” Marshall explains. “Students, staff, and parents [need] to spread out their arrival times, mean[ing] that some will have to leave earlier than they do now.”

Administration has clearly communicated this message to students on an almost weekly, if not daily, basis. Unfortunately, traffic has not improved, and  for some it’s become even worse with the opening of the East Lot without opening the planned second entrance. It is scheduled to be built this summer.

“We were all hoping [the traffic] would improve,” says Marshall, “this is the first year we have dealt with this kind of traffic.”

The effectiveness of this new system has yet to be seen; however, anything at this point can only help the situation. Comment below with your thoughts on this strategy and what you think could solve the tumultuous traffic terror at CHS.

2 replies on “Tardies, Traffic, and Buses, Oh My!”

I would like to take the time now to decry the deplorable actions of camas administration. The stress the traffic has placed on me and my peers is unbearable, causing me to lose my valuable 5 minutes of snooze every morning. Last I checked, we aren’t living in the Bay Area, yet the traffic on the normally unassuming Lake Road makes me want to jump off the Golden Gate. And Mr. Marshall, in his infinite wisdom, only responds by informing the students to “leave earlier”. That is insulting and disappointing. A much better solution would be to block the hordes of freshman from being dropped off at the school in their new Mercedes and Range Rovers.

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