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Staff of CHS: Sarah Warta

Sarah Warta, a new counselor here at Camas High School, is an active member of the district, volunteering consistently for the past 13 years. In years prior, she worked as a high school counselor in Oregon, Southern California and at a runaway shelter. Clearly, Camas is incredibly lucky to gain such an experienced staff member this year!

Mrs. Warta’s job takes her all over the West coast, but she has lived in Camas for the past 20 years, volunteering mainly at Grass Valley Elementary School, but also in many other facilities in Camas. Here at CHS, Mrs. Warta is the counselor for last names Nf-Sh. She loves her job and finds it, “Rewarding to see students succeed at all levels.” She also enjoys how her job allows her to continue learning and staying engaged.

Outside of counseling, Mrs. Warta loves the outdoors. If she is not golfing, she is hiking, fishing, or walking her two Norwich Terriers, Rascal and Roxy. She also likes going to Blazers and Portland Timbers games with her husband and children. When the weather is uncooperative like it can be here in Washington, Mrs. Warta enjoys watching the hilarious Jimmy Fallon. According to Mrs. Warta, if she couldn’t be a counselor she would want to be a talk show host just like Jimmy Fallon so that she could meet new people and do crazy, new things.

Mrs. Warta is very excited for her future at CHS and is impressed by the sense of community and closeness of Camas.

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